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R&B - Released January 1, 1982 | Motown


Humour - Released January 1, 1992 | Motown

This is by no means an essential collection of Bill Cosby's finest moments, instead assembling selected Cosby standup routines from the '80s and '90s from various records originally released on Universal. The main problem with compiling extracts from multiple Cosby standup records lies in the fact that his delivery and sequencing of material are quite smooth in any of this individual releases, so the transition from track to track on this compilation disc can be comparatively jarring at some points, especially with the William Shatner-esque "Grover Henson Feels Forgotten." While this disc certainly has its moments, those looking for a more definitive look at Cosby's comedic genius would be well served in checking out 1969's classic The Best of Bill Cosby. © Rob Theakston /TiVo