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Bernardo Pasquini

Pasquini was one of the foremost keyboard impresarios of his time. His compositions ranged from operas, oratorios, cantatas, motets, and arias to suites, toccatas, variations and sonatas. A probable student of Cesti, Pasquini went on to teach students from many parts of Europe including Domenico Scarlatti. His keyboard compositions stand between the legacy of Frescobaldi and D. Scarlatti and his operatic compositions stand between the legacies of Cesti and Alessandro Scarlatti. In service as an organist of S Maria Maggiore in Rome he obtained the position of organist at S Maria in Aracoeli from 1664 until his death. Pasquini found himself under the patronage of a number of cardinals including Ottobini and Pamphili as well as the Borghese court and the court of Christina, Queen of Sweden. It must have been an inspirational concert in Rome when the virtuoso keyboard performer, Pasquini, paired with the virtuoso violinist Corelli for the first time. Later they both appeared in concert together in other European cities as well.
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