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Electronic/Dance - Released February 17, 2018 | Other People

Distinctions Pitchfork: Best New Music
Few people, even among Nicolas Jaar’s fans, know that it’s actually the American-Chilean who is behind the alias A.A.L. (Against All Logic). This project, the “club” alter ego of one of the most acclaimed electronic artists of the last few years, is reminiscent of the deep house and four-on-the-floor style of his beginnings on the label Wolf + Lamb – before his experimental faze –, in which he released in 2010 one of his classics, the hit Time for Us / Mi Mujer. Good news for his nostalgic fans! 2012 - 2017 is a compilation of previously unreleased titles and is to this day the largest track collection released by Nicolas Jaar under this A.A.L. alias. And as it is often the case with the fiercely independent artist, the result is both a total surprise and a great success. Between two genuflections, kicks, synthesiser filters and old gospel samples, it will undoubtedly remind connoisseurs of the mysterious tracks Jaar has been performing in his live shows for years that have become an unavoidable topic of discussion, with the remaining question: how can we get them? © Sylvain Di Cristo / Qobuz

Electronic/Dance - Released February 7, 2020 | Other People


Electronic/Dance - Released January 31, 2020 | Other People


Electronic/Dance - Released February 1, 2014 | Other People


Electronic/Dance - Released December 24, 2014 | Other People