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Phillip Schroeder - Passage Through a Dream

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Passage Through a Dream

Phillip Schroeder

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Passage Through a Dream

Phillip Schroeder

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Passage Through a Dream

Passage Through a Dream 00:12:29

Phillip Schroeder, piano & electronics - Drew Worthen, piano

A Necessary Autumn

A Necessary Autumn 00:08:51

Phillip Schroeder, piano & electric bass - Drew Worthen, piano

Oceans of Green

Oceans of Green 00:10:03

Phillip Schroeder, piano - Michael Henson, bass clarinet - Marty Walker, clarinet - Jamie Lipton, euphonium - Jane Grothe, harp

On Occasion

On Occasion 00:07:47

Phillip Schroeder, piano & electric bass - Rick Dimond, accordion

Sky Blue Dreams

Sky Blue Dreams 00:11:17

Phillip Schroeder, piano - Michael Henson, bass clarinet - Rick Dimond, vibraphone - Jennifer Amox, flute - Marty Walker, clarinet - Jamie Lipton, euphonium - Jane Grothe, harp

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By Phillip Schroeder
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