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Pablo Alboran - Cuando estés aquí EP

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Cet élément a bien été ajouté / retiré de vos favoris.

Cuando estés aquí EP

Pablo Alboran

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Cuando estés aquí EP

Pablo Alboran

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Cuando estés aquí

Pablo Alboran, Producer, Engineer, Piano, Vocals, Writer, MainArtist - Óscar Clavel, Mixer, Masterer - Lolo Alvarez, Engineer, Electric Guitar

© 2020 Warner Music Spain, S.L. ℗ 2020 Warner Music Spain, S.L.

Cuando estés aquí (feat. Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia) Versión sinfónica

Pablo Alboran, Vocals, Writer, MainArtist - Julio Reyes, Producer, Engineer & Mixer - Ingrid Alexandra Cardozo, Violin - Juan José Pérez Pérez, Viola - Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional De Colombia, FeaturedArtist - Karen Gonzalez, Oboe - Juan Antonio Cuéllar, Arranger - Tamas Balla, Oboe - Robin Reumers, Mixer - Alejandro Luengas Ramírez, Violin - Angélica Gámez, Violin - Camilo Andrés Monterrosa Molina, Violin - Carlos Humberto Rengifo Londoño, Contra-Bassoon - Carmen Lucía Matute Hernández  , Violin - Christopher John Jepperson, Clarinet - Daniel Esteban Cardona Valencia, Violin - Dante Ferrer Yenque Andrade, Horn - Diego Mauricio Parra Suárez, Horn - Erwin Gerardo Rubio Herrera, Horn - Faber Cardozo, Bassoon - Fabio Alonso Castillo Díaz, Violin - Fidel Mario Castillo Carrillo, Violoncello - Francisco Javier Iragorri Mejía, Violin - Francy Lorena Orjuela Murcia, Violin - Francya Damaris Arias Espitia, Violin - Gina Alexandra Álvarez Lemus, Violin - Giovanni Scarpetta Díaz, Trombone - Iván Darío León Gómez, Violoncello - Johnny Edison Lucero Calvachi, Trumpet - Jorge Andrés Vélez Ospina, Clarinet - Jorge Iván Vélez Ortiz, Violoncello - José David Márquez Carrero, Violoncello - José Luis Barón Ramírez, Clarinet - José Luis Benavides Varón, Violin - Juan Carlos Valencia Castillo, Trumpet - Juan David Arias Zuluaga, Flute - Juan David Forero Caviédes, Percussion - Juan Erney Sepúlveda Orrego, Tuba - Juan Fernando Avendaño Restrepo, Trumpet - Juan Jacobo Restrepo, Percussion - Juan Manuel Flórez Acosta, Viola - Julia Liliana Medina Ferreira, Viola - Leonardo Guevara Díaz, Bassoon - Leonidas Cáceres Carreño, Violin - Ligia Patricia Perilla Pinto, Contra-Bassoon - Luis Darío Baracaldo Lamprea, Violin - Luis Eduardo Díaz Zuleta, Trombone - Luis Guillermo González Calcetero, Violin - Luisa Fernanda Delgado Rodríguez, Violin - Luz Andreína Cadenas Gutiérrez, Viola - Mariana Necty Nagles Pardo, Violin - María Camila Ortíz Godoy, Violin - Mintcho Gueorguiev Badev, Violoncello - Nicolás Flórez Asprilla , Contra-Bassoon - Noel García Farías, Viola - Olga Elena Correa Gómez, Violoncello - Oscar Iván Álvarez Gutiérrez, Horn - Rafael Octavio Aponte Díaz, Flute - Raul Vladimir García Bedoya, Viola - Roberto Milanés Tenorio, Contra-Bassoon - Sandra Sichacá, Percussion - Sebastián Castellanos, Bassoon - Sebastián Cifuentes Zuluaga, Trombone - Tamara Pagaeva, Violin - Víctor Fabián Colmenares Botero, Violin - Zulma Eliana Bautista Carrillo, Bassoon - Úrszula Florentyna Kopytko, Viola

© 2020 Warner Music Spain, S.L. ℗ 2020 Warner Music Spain, S.L.

Cuando estés aquí (feat. ARIEL)

Pablo Alboran, Vocals, Writer, MainArtist - Ariel, Producer, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Engineer & Mixer, FeaturedArtist - Janga, Masterer

© 2020 Warner Music Spain, S.L. ℗ 2020 Warner Music Spain, S.L.

Cuando estés aquí (feat. Stay Homas)

Pablo Alboran, Producer, Electric Guitar, Masterer, Vocals, Writer, Engineer & Mixer, MainArtist - Stay Homas, Producer, Guitar, Percussion, FeaturedArtist

© 2020 Warner Music Spain, S.L. ℗ 2020 Warner Music Spain, S.L.

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