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Senking is the primary alias of Jens Massel, a Cologne native who produces dubby, abstract IDM and minimal techno without the use of a computer. After spending the early '90s playing bass in various indie rock groups, Massel acquired a primitive synthesizer and began to produce lean experimental techno in 1995. Within two years, he released his first 12”, an EP titled Senking, as Kandis. The EP was also the first release on the Karaoke Kalk label. In addition to his involvement with post-rock group Genf and ambient trio Visor, Massel continued to issue solo tracks under the Kandis moniker, and in 1998 he initiated Fumble and the more prolific Senking as alternate aliases. Each year from 1998 through 2003 featured at least one Senking disc. Karaoke Kalk issued the majority of them, including the albums Senking (1998), Ping Thaw (2001), and Silencer (also 2001), while Raster-Noton sought him for their 20’ to 2000 series (1999) and continued the alliance with Trial (2000), Forge (2002), and Tap (2003). For a few years, Massel left Senking dormant, as he released a one-off LP on Karaoke Kalk as part of the duo Poto & Cabengo, but he resumed the name for the 2007 Raster-Noton album List. This was followed in 2010 by Pong, which was inspired by the early-‘70s arcade game of the same name. Following this album, he released two dubstep-leaning singles, 2011's Tweek and 2012's Dazed. These preceded his 2013 full-length Capsize Recovery, which was followed in 2014 by a digital single called Sea Level. Senking's album Closing Ice was released in 2015.
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