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Batida ("beat" in Portuguese) is the name of a project from Angolan/Portuguese DJ Pedro Coquenão (also known as DJ Mpula) in which he combines samples from vintage Angolan tracks from the 1970s with modern electronic dance music. Emerging in the early 2010s, Batida's output features multiple music, dance, visual, and radio projects. Standout releases include 2012's Batida, 2016's Konono No. 1 Meets Batida, and 2022's Neon Colonialismo. The Batida project began as a radio show promoting new African music, but Coquenão expanded the concept to include a multimedia whirlwind of audio and visual art, complete with dancers, percussionists, and whatever else he felt like tossing into the mix. A collection titled Dance Mwangolé was released in Portugal in 2009, and Batida tracks began appearing on internationally issued compilations in 2010. A proper debut album of the whole deal, simply called Batida, was released by the U.K.'s Soundway Records in the spring of 2012. A second project, Dois, was recorded in his own garage studio in Lisbon and released by Soundway in 2014. Following the album's release, Coquenão invited Congolese percussion ensemble Konono No. 1 to his garage, along with guests such as guitarist Papa Juju and MC A.F. Diaphra. Konono No. 1 Meets Batida was released by Crammed Discs in 2016. A string of collaborative singles followed, including 2018's "Banza Rémy (Bonga meets Batida)" and 2020's "VaiVai" (feat. IKOQWE, Ikonoklasta, Raz & Alfa). 2022 saw the release of the wide-ranging effort Neon Colonialismo, which included guest spots from Bonga, Mayra Andrade, Poté, Nástio Mosquito, Octa Push, Lia de Itamaracá, DJ Dolores, João Morgado, and Botto Trindade, among others.
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