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Belgium-based producer Bolis Pupul is a creator of wry, forward-thinking electro-pop and reflective techno. After signing to Soulwax's DeeWee label and releasing a pair of singles, he made his full-length debut alongside Charlotte Adigéry on the acclaimed Topical Dancer (2022). He explored his Chinese roots on 2024's Letter to Yu, his first solo album. Though Bolis Pupul debuted during the 2010s with the solo singles "Moon Theme/Sun Theme" and "Wèi?/Teknow," much of his output has been in collaboration with fellow Belgium-based vocalist Charlotte Adigéry. After being paired up by Soulwax to produce for the 2016 film Belgica, Pupul and Adigéry built a strong collaborative chemistry, releasing a debut EP, Charlotte Adigéry, under the singer's name. Their style was a blend of dancefloor-ready productions and tongue-in-cheek reflections: Adigéry offered playful commentary and slick one-liners around a variety of social issues, while Pupul built his beats around nostalgic pillars and danceable melodies. The duo began to gain popularity with Adigéry's 2019 single "High Lights," which preceded a second EP, Zandoli. In 2021, the pair began releasing under both of their names: the groovy "Thank You" was the first to appear under a collaborative moniker, quickly followed by "Blenda" and "HAHA." In 2022, they released their debut studio album, Topical Dancer, a series of tongue-in-cheek anthems underscored by Pupul's slick productions. Pupul released the solo single "Neon Buddha" shortly after the album, and remixed Metronomy's song "Hole Me Tonight." In 2024, Pupul released Letter to Yu, inspired by his late mother (who died in a traffic accident in 2008) and his subsequent trips to Hong Kong to find his roots and learn about his family's history.
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