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What is a Qobuzissime? It’s an award presented by Qobuz for a first or second album.

Pop or Reggae, Metal or Classical, Jazz or Blues, no genre is excluded. More often than not the award is presented to a newly discovered artist.

Sometimes it might be a particularly quirky or a crossover album from a discography.

The important aspects are uniqueness, sincerity and quality. We look for these things in the recording, the project and the sound identity.


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Franse chansons - Verschenen op 22 maart 2019 | Wagram Music - Cinq 7

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Malik Djoudi’s second album (after Un in 2017) forms a perfect summary of French electronic music, with beautifully bare arrangements (Essentiel) often combined with an up-tempo rhythm (Aussi Jolie, Belles Sueurs), as well as intimate and poetic lyrics revealing the various sides of the singer’s temperament, while also addressing the anxieties and hopes of a generation. With his androgynous voice, Djoudi sings about the night (Épouser la nuit), an imaginary journey (Train de nuit) and madness (Folie douce), all on captivating melodies only he has the secret to. While neurasthenic guitars and synthetic, icy and hypnotic layers are the singer's favorite sounds, he sometimes invites other instruments into his little world, often in the form of familiar and comforting samples (the brass of Dis-moi que t'y pense).
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Franse chansons - Verschenen op 17 november 2014 | Mi'ster

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Franse chansons - Verschenen op 26 maart 2012 | naïve

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