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Fawn Spots

Based out of York, England, Fawn Spots was formed in 2011 as a duo of Jonathan Meager and Oliver Grabowski, taking cues from both antagonistic experimental artists and early hardcore acts like Black Flag to strive toward an ugly, noisy punk sound. The duo self-released a few EPs of material in those early days, but quickly matured with a less confrontational approach, bringing together the fury of hardcore acts and the somber, distant songwriting of bands like Hüsker Dü, Rites of Spring, Joy Division, and other flagship artists that pushed the boundaries of punk with intellect instead of volume. The band shuffled through a series of lineup changes until Grabowski and Meager were eventually joined by drummer Paddy Carley. The trio worked tirelessly, developing a sound that drew influence from many different spectrums of punk and other revolutionary cultural movements, eventually issuing their debut full-length, From Safer Place, in spring 2015.
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