After Love + Light, a record that came from a sudden celestial inspiration in 2020, Daniel Avery chose to "look directly into the darkness" for Ultra Truth on which he surrounded himself with a host of guests. It's a darker album, drawing inspiration from his teenage passions, from plaintive artists like Portishead and Nick Cave, to the films of David Lynch. As always, alongside James Greenwood, aka Ghost Culturein the studio, Avery brings out more of his experimental, ambient side, such as the daring drones of Overflowing With Escape, the reminiscences of raves on Ultra Truth - the title track that sounds like a free party on a British motorway, and especially Lone Swordsman, a tribute to the late British DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall (founder of the band Two Lone Swordmen), one of the best tracks of the album.

Daniel Avery (feat HAAi) - Wall of Sleep

Daniel Avery

The third special ingredient in Ultra Truth is breakbeat, with recurrent drum'n'bass passages, like on the contemplative Wall of Sleep with the Australian producer HAAi or on the more industrial tracks Devotion and Higher with Manni Dee.

Daniel Avery - Higher (Feat. Sherelle) (Official Music Video)

Daniel Avery

And then there's Chaos Energy, written with the English prodigy Kelly Lee Owens and HAAi, a post-dubstep, rave, drum'n'bass, ambient maelstrom that encapsulates all the energies of this record and confirms that Daniel Avery has indeed moved away from the dancefloor to dig deep into his soul as an artist.


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