Hosted at the KMFA Event Space from 12 pm - 5 pm over two days, stop by to listen to some of Qobuz’s favorite artists.

On the 16th of March, we will be hosting Carmelo Haze, Miss Grit, Yazmin Lacey and Barrie.

Miss Grit and Yazmin Lacey have both been bestowed our coveted Qobuzissime award—Miss Grit for her captivating debut album Follow the Cyborg on which Margaret Sohn juggles her fascination for electric guitars and synthesizers to great effect, reminiscent of the early music of none other than St. Vincent. Absolutely a star in the making.

Yazmin Lacey also most recently feted for her album Voice Notes, a record that melds together ‘90s nu-soul, sophisticated English jazz (like that of Ezra Collective, one of her self-proclaimed influences), beats infused with light reggae and hip-hop flavors, and a set of instrumentals that fit her prose and vocals to a T. These two artists are surely not to be missed.

“Follow The Cyborg” - Miss Grit

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

On the 17th of March, we will be hosting the formidable Shana Cleveland, Kiwi Jr., DoomCannon and Daniel Villarreal.

Shana Cleveland, who just released Manzanita in early March is the frontwoman of the moody garage band La Luz. If you are familiar with the band, you may be surprised to find Shana’s solo work to be significantly more hushed and haunted which helps her create her own dreamworld for listeners.

You also may be familiar with Canadian indie-rockers Kiwi Jr., whose success has skyrocketed in the last few years. On their latest album Chopper, released in 2022, the band sharpened their edges to create something more dark and relaxed, yet still spacey and shimmery in their own unique way.

Kiwi Jr. - Full Performance (Live on KEXP at Home)


Unable to make it to Austin? Not to worry, these live sessions will be recorded directly to 24-bit Hi-Res audio for exclusive release on Qobuz!

And you can listen to our specially curated playlist here.