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The Night Café: Keeping Us Awake

Qobuz Video of the Day On August 21, 2019
These fresh-faced scousers are about to make a splash in the big pond.

Their band is named after a famous Van Gogh painting. Hailing from Liverpool, the 4 youths that make up The Night Café have authored a luminous collection of dream-pop songs that are as reminiscent of Palace’s wide, cinematographic style as they are of...

Richmond Symphony Performs Mason Bates and Vaughan Williams August 19, 2019

This unique program is a good way to discover Mason Bates’ latest work. The tireless composer took on a request from the Richmond Symphony for the...

The Teskey Brothers: Another Heartfelt Family Reunion August 18, 2019

Have a listen to this retro gem from Melbourne.

The Murder Capital: Latest Dublin Sensation August 17, 2019

They gained fame off the back of a few Youtube videos of their live performances. The long-awaited debut album, When I Have Fears, by the Murder...

Shoegaze Behemoths Turn Their Eyes Forwards August 16, 2019

The seminal 90s band Ride are out with a sophomore comeback album!

Fionn Regan's Lonesome Magic August 15, 2019

If "Cala" was a painting, it would be "Giant Redwood Trees of California" (1874) by Albert Bierstadt.

Adrienne Lenker Steals Our Hearts - Again ! August 14, 2019

Big Thief have just announced a second album for 2019 - along with a single!

How Do You Love: You'll Regrettes Not Listening To This One August 13, 2019

Listen to the latest L.A sensation on their sophomore album!

Bon Iver's 4 Seasons August 12, 2019

Our favorite Wisconsinite brings a cycle of albums to its close.

The King's Well Never Goes Dry August 11, 2019

Christmas day is every day for Elvis fans! As if the royal archives were a well that never dries up. If you thought they’d about run out of...

Clara Schumann : Wonderwoman, Composer. August 10, 2019

Clara Wieck, the piano player better known as Clara Schumann, was also a leading composer. Unlike Fanny Mendelssohn or Alma Mahler, she was never...

Marika Hacks Away at The Patriarchy August 9, 2019

Marika Hackman is back with a strong political message about sex and the portrayal of LGBTQs in the music industry.

Jazz Isn't Dead, It Just Smells Like Blume August 8, 2019

Nérija releases their focused, cohesive debut effort. It's worth a listen!

Violent Femmes Find Shelter August 7, 2019

40 years past, yet it seems like nothing has changed.

Jon Batiste Salutes His Idol August 6, 2019

Listen to Jon Batiste's live performance at one of the most famous NYC jazz venues!

Angel Olsen's House of Mirrors August 4, 2019

Discover Angel Olsen's latest single, "All Mirrors" !

The Tennessee Fire Turns 20! August 3, 2019

Go back in time to 20 years ago to a Shelbybille, KY grain silo where My Morning Jacket recorded their first album!

Sade, 35 Years Later August 2, 2019

We know the 80s are trending. But this gem is beyond timeless.

Angie McMahon is the Salt of The Earth August 1, 2019

Could Melbourne be the hottest city for indie rockers in 2019?

Lost & Found Boy July 31, 2019

Listen to YBN Cordae, the latest East Coast sensation as he embarks onto a rap journey with the likes of Chance The Rapper, Anderson .Paak and more.