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Sunset Rubdown

Essentially a side project to Spencer Krug’s main role in Montreal, Canada’s critically acclaimed Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown emerged with 2005’s lo-fi SNAKE'S GOT A LEG, the result of months of secretive solo demo work. Both this record and its 2006 follow-up, SHUT UP AM I DREAMING, were filled with his trademark, skewed and experimental keyboard sounds and his unmistakeably eccentric, throaty warble. As well as juggling this band alongside Wolf Parade, Krug also spent much of this period touring as part of Carey Mercer’s Frog Eyes. The pair then collaborated with Daniel Bejar (of Destroyer and New Pornographers) on Beast Moans, recorded as Swan Lake. Sunset Rubdown were subsequently picked up by the US independent label Jagjaguwar for 2007’s excellent RANDOM SPIRIT LOVER.
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