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Leon Bridges, back to the present

With the groovy "Gold-Diggers Sound", Bridges releases a third album that moves away from his retro beginnings to better stick to the soul and R&B of his time...

Cambridge Audio Evo 150: an all-in-one Amplifier Elegantly Connecting Aesthetics to Musicality

Cambridge Audio is a leader in the field of digital music access. Each range of the brand includes a connected amplifier and independent streamer. This new Evo series is no exception, aiming to appeal to audiophiles who haven’t yet switched to connected HiFi, featuring an all-in-one device with neo-retro design.

Grawlixes Bring You Existential Folk

Raw, existential, yet undeniably catchy. Who would have thought that songs about murder, depression, and heartbreak could sound so sweet? Yet here we are, faced with New Zealand band Grawlixes’ silvery sophomore album Love You to Death.

Celebrate Mercury KX with Qobuz

Mercury KX celebrated their 4th Birthday this year, and gifted Qobuz with four exclusive tracks from their artists performing at the SXSW festival, featuring Sebastian Plano, Sophie Hutchings, Lambert and Luke Howard.

Zimerman and Rattle - Masters of Beethoven

The scarcity of the Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman's studio recordings is a result of his high standards and, at the same time, makes for an excellent sales pitch.

Preparing for The Blacklist

On September 10th later this year, Metallica and fans alike will be celebrating 30 years since their self-titled fifth album - aka -The Black Album. Not only will we be treated to a remastered version of the full album, but we will also be receiving no less than 53 new tracks...

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