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The duo of Corin Dingley and Andy Jenks formed Alpha after working on such projects as Statik Sound System and the Sugarboat. The duo is inspired by film soundtracks and the songwriting of Jimmy Webb with the same intensity that Massive Attack give to hip-hop and dub. Both collectives, however, are from Bristol and recruit vocalists to bring their downtempo, beat-heavy compositions to life. Alpha were signed to Massive Attack's Melankolic Records in 1997; that same year, they released their debut album, Come from Heaven. The Pepper EP followed in 1998. Impossible Thrill was issued three years later. In 2003, Alpha achieved their greatest success in their native U.K. with the release of Stargazing. Major British print publications such as Q and The Sunday Times praised the album for its meticulous production and lush soundscape. A handful of albums were released throughout the remainder of the decade, including 2007's The Sky Is Mine.
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