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Christopher Rau

German producer Christopher Rau makes deep, dreamy house tracks filled with warm, laid-back loops. Releases such as Two (2012) are relaxed, joyous, and slightly wistful, turning specific moments into extended meditations. Rau first surfaced with the 2008 EP Gribuntal, issued by Gedankensport. He made his first appearance on Smallville Records in 2009, sharing a split single with Sven Tasnadi. The label then released his debut full-length Asper Clouds, as well as a collaboration with Smallpeople, in 2010. Singles on other labels such as Giegling, Hypercolour, and Pampa preceded Rau's second Smallville full-length, Two, in 2012. He also released collaborations with producers like Jacques Bon (as Bon & Rau) and Sebastian Genz (as Roaming) and released a few singles under the pseudonym Rhythmus Günther starting in 2013. Rau continued releasing EPs including Mehris Mood (2014) and Yamato (2016) before issuing his third full-length, F.M.E Hustle, on Money $ex Records in 2018. A harder, faster single titled "Beasts" was issued by the Richard Fearless-run Drone imprint in 2019.
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