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Rock - Verschenen op 22 oktober 2012 | Rhino - Elektra

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Rock - Verschenen op 1 november 2019 | Rhino - Elektra

The rock’n’roll history books have often considered The Soft Parade to be The Doors’ worst album. Fifty years after its release on the 18th of July 1969, a re-evaluation of the Californians’ fourth opus establishes itself. Exactly a year after Waiting for the Sun, The Doors changed their modus operandi with an album which was viscerally less rock’n’roll. Unmanageable, completely obsessed with his poetry, more and more dependant on alcohol and always seemingly on the brink of leaving the band (held back in extremis by the keyboard player Ray Manzarek), Jim Morrison only wrote half of the tracks on this album. The guitarist Robbie Krieger stepped up to the mark and took the helm writing-wise, as well as developing the band’s instrumentation. Headed by Paul Harris, brass and strings make an unexpected appearance in the band’s sound. Notes of jazz dilute the pure rock sound and bring a more bluesy texture, as well as some pop and even some lounge-style sequences. An eclectic mix which is slightly confusing to begin with, but it stops The Doors’ unique singularity from dwindling. The melodies on The Soft Parade are peraps not of the same calibre as those on the three previous albums, but at an era when the competition was also experimenting with some stranger sounds, Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore prove that they too can steer rock music into uncharted territories. This 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition offers a new remastered version from producer Bruce Botnick, as well as bonus tracks like Who Scared You, as well as some unedited tracks, like demo versions of Doors Only, versions without brass or strings of Tell All the People, Touch Me, Wishful Sinful and Runnin’ Blue. Finally, among all these exciting new features of this 2019 edition, some interesting new guitar sections added by Krieger to Touch Me, Wishful Sinful and Runnin’ Blue. All in all, enough unedited material to please fans and better understand this musical mystery. © Max Dembo/Qobuz
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Rock - Verschenen op 23 februari 2018 | Rhino - Elektra

From 26 to 30 August 1970, rock'n'roll fans from across the world had their gaze locked on the Isle of Wight, where a festival was underway that brought together 600,000 spectators and whose stage saw Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, the Who, Sly & The Family Stone, Joni Mitchell, Ten Years After, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Free, Donovan, the Moody Blues, Joan Baez, Leonard Cohen, Jethro Tull and the Doors in one of their final performances, as Jim Morrison had but a year to live... But its success was never assured: and ill omens loomed as the concert began. Treacherous weather, blustery winds, and Morrison's refusal to permit the producers to shine floodlights on the stage, the group or the audience all threatened the event. Not the least of the festival's worries was the fact that Morrison was due to appear in court in Miami a few days before the start, on the latest of many, many obscenity charges. But when they got up on stage, all was forgotten and the Doors magic kicked in immediately! The fury of the instruments was overwhelming. And on the organ, Ray Manzarek's pyrotechnics were as impressive as ever. On the mic, Morrison was simply shamanic. The fourteen minutes of Light My Fire alone justify spending some time and money on this gobsmacking live recording. © Clotilde Maréchal/Qobuz
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Pop - Verschenen op 20 mei 2019 | G Records

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Rock - Verschenen op 22 november 2019 | Code 7 Distribution

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Bandes originales de films - Verschenen op 2 april 2010 | Rhino - Elektra

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Pop - Verschenen op 9 februari 2018 | Rhino - Elektra

Rock - Verschenen op 3 oktober 2018 | Rhino - Elektra

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    The Doors opening up For its 50th anniversary, "The Soft Parade" is being released in a deluxe remastered edition. Criticised upon its release, this 4th album by Jim Morrison's band is worth a fresh listen...