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Jazz - Verschenen op 18 mei 2018 | ECM

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A member of ECM since the early 1980s, Steve Tibbetts is indivisible from the famous sound of the Munich label. And while his musical universe features all of its markers (space, silence, oneirism, ambient), the singularity of his guitar has always remained preserved. Life Of is the American’s ninth album for ECM, and a sort of sequel to his 2010 Natural Cause. With his 12-string Martin acoustic guitar, Tibbetts plays out an almost Zen ceremony featuring exotic and dreamy sounds created with his friend Marc Anderson (over 35 years of collaboration!), percussionist and Hang player, and cellist Michelle Kinney. An original soundtrack in line with his Midwest and more remote locations, such as Bali and Nepal, where he often spends time. Spirituality holds centre stage throughout this album, which is as contemplative as it is deep. A viscerally meditative jazz’n’world album that evades any attempt at categorisation. © Max Dembo/Qobuz