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Matt Gresham, known professionally as Logistics, produces slick, tuneful drum'n'bass abundant in dancefloor energy as well as the melodicism of soul and jazz. One of the most notable artists signed to London Elektricity's Hospital Records, the relentlessly prolific British artist has released numerous club anthems such as "Together" and "Release the Pressure," in addition to ambitious full-lengths like Now More Than Ever (2006) and Fear Not (2012). He is also one-half of Nu:Logic along with his brother, Dan Gresham (aka Nu:Tone). Unlike his brother, Matt Gresham wasn't initially attracted to drum'n'bass, he mainly listened to downtempo electronic music and rock bands like Rage Against the Machine while growing up. Drum'n'bass finally clicked for him when he heard Music Box, a 1996 compilation released by Full Cycle Records, and this more intricate, nuanced side of the genre would shape the sound of his work. Rock the Jazzbar, an EP credited to Nu:Tone featuring Logistics, was released in 2003, and Logistics contributed to the V Records-issued Liquid V EP in 2004, establishing his name within the liquid funk scene which was rising in popularity at the time. Throughout 2004, Logistics released split singles with producers like Commix and Danism, and he signed to Hospital Records, issuing his debut EP Spacejam. Second EP Release the Pressure appeared in 2005, while the harder "Uprock" 12" was issued by Hospital's M*A*S*H sublabel. His heavily anticipated debut full-length, the double-CD Now More Than Ever, arrived in 2006, and was subsequently awarded BBC 1Xtra's Xtra Bass award. Logistics continued releasing EPs and full-lengths at a rapid pace, additionally collaborating with Nu:Tone and Commix as the supergroup Future Sound of Cambridge, aka the Cambridge 4. Second Logistics full-length Reality Checkpoint appeared in 2008, followed swiftly by the more experimental Crash Bang Wallop! in 2009. Spacejams, a full-length mixture of tracks dating back to some of Logistics' early releases, was released in 2010. Fear Not, a more accessible full-length including several dubstep tracks, appeared in 2012. Nu:Logic's first full-length, a more purist drum'n'bass effort titled What I've Always Waited For, surfaced in 2013. Logistics continued fusing pop elements with experimentation on subsequent solo full-lengths Polyphony (2014) and Electric Sun (2016). Somewhere Between the Light, Nu:Logic's more vocal-heavy second album, appeared in 2017. Logistics' eighth album, Hologram, came out in 2019, and a more back-to-basics four-song EP titled Waveforms followed in 2019.
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