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Hail of Bullets

Formed in 2006 in Amersfoort, Holland after a particularly potent drinking session between former Pestilence/Asphyx vocalist Martin van Drunen, ex-Houwitser bassist Theo van Eekelen, Gorefest drummer Ed Warby, and Thanatos guitar players Paul Baayens and Stephan Gebédi, Dutch death metal ensemble Hail of Bullets signed with Metal Blade in 2007 on the strength of a four-song demo. The band's full-length debut Of Frost and War, arrived the following year, drawing comparisons to old-school death metal innovators like Celtic Frost, Death, and Bolt Thrower. The band followed up in 2010 with their second album, On Divine Winds. For their third album, the war-loving Dutchmen focused on the rise and fall of German officer Erwin Rommel on III: The Rommel Chronicles.
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