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Emerging from the Swedish death metal scene in the late '80s, Grave first made an impact upon their surroundings with the fittingly titled 1991 debut Into the Grave. Following with their second album, 1992's You'll Never See, the band's lineup remained, with Ola Lindgren on guitar, Jensa Paulsson on drums, and Jorgen Sandstrom on bass and vocals (or "growling" as the case may be). After release of the 1993 EP And Here I Die Satisfied, and their third album, 1994's Soulless, Lindgren took over on guitar and vocals after Sandstrom departed for Entombed in 1996. Later on that year, Grave's fourth full-length, Hating Life, was released, followed by the 1999 live album Extremely Rotten Live. The next two years saw the band go into free fall, but by 1999 the wheels had begun turning again and Grave hit the road and headed into the studio to lay down tracks for a new album. The resulting Back from the Grave was issued in 2002 via Century Media. 2004 saw the release of their sixth studio long-player Fiendish Regression, but it also saw the departure of drummer Jensa Paulsson, who was replaced by Pelle Eckegren. The band's newfound penchant for prolificacy continued with As Rapture Comes, which dropped in 2007, followed by Dominion VIII (2008), Burial Ground (2010), Endless Procession of Souls (2012), and Out of Respect for the Dead (2015).
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