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The challenging, visceral music produced by Houston's Rabit (Eric C. Burton) incorporates influences such as grime, post-industrial sound design, and the chopped-and-screwed rap of his hometown. Initially receiving attention for his take on the angular U.K. grime sound with a series of EPs during the early 2010s, Rabit's intense, violent full-length Communion (2015) crystallized his influences. From there, he ventured further into the unknown, releasing more abstract full-lengths such as Life After Death (2018), in addition to several screw mixtapes. Rabit has collaborated with Björk, Dedekind Cut, Chino Amobi, and others, and he runs the well-regarded experimental label Halcyon Veil. Rabit debuted in 2012 with Terminator, an EP fusing juke and grime. Released on Austin, Texas' #FEELINGS label, it featured a Traxman remix of the title track. Rabit's reach extended as he made overseas connections. The follow-up EP Sun Showers, released in 2013, came out through Japan's Diskotopia, while a handful of 2013-2014 singles, including a release split with Logos, surfaced on Dublin, Ireland's Glacial Sound. In 2015, the producer joined up with the Tri Angle label for another EP, Baptizm. Later that year, he founded the Halcyon Veil label and released the full-length Communion, which made the gender and political issues in his previous work more explicit. Two limited, self-released albums (Supreme and Excommunicate) appeared in 2016, in addition to collaborations with Dedekind Cut and Chino Amobi. Second proper full-length Les Fleurs du Mal, a departure from his more rhythmic earlier style, followed in 2017. During the year, Rabit co-produced "Losss," a track on Björk's Grammy-nominated full-length Utopia. In 2018, Rabit released the full-length Life After Death and the EP Toe in the Bardo Pond. He also released Cry Alone Die Alone and Bricks in a Drought, two mixtapes which faithfully paid tribute to DJ Screw's pioneering chopped-and-screwed sound. A third screw tape, The Dope Show, followed in 2019.
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