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Mo Kolours

Half-Mauritian, half-British producer, singer, and percussionist Joseph Deenmamode (aka Mo Kolours) blends traditional sega music from his father's homeland with hip-hop, soul, jazz, and electronica. Deenmamode's eclectic approach rests somewhere between the music of Fela Kuti and J Dilla, with a loose improvisational feel encapsulated on his eponymous debut album in 2014. Subsequent releases dove deeper into his sound by experimenting with different instruments such as the djembe, ravanne, and caxixi. His third album, 2018's Inner Symbols, demonstrated a new level of accessibility without losing any of the eclecticism. Although heavily inspired by sega and contemporary artists he'd admired throughout his early life, it wasn't until he attended art college that he began producing his own tunes, originally as part of a course in 2004. As he made his first steps as a musician he befriended Paul White, and would regularly hang out just to experiment on drum machines. As White's career began taking off, he invited Deenmamode to support him on a few live dates; it was during one of these shows in 2011 that he was introduced to Alex Chase from One-Handed Music. Deenmamode went on to release a trilogy of EPs for the label, collating some of his early recordings from 2011 to 2013. His eponymous debut arrived the next year, owing its loose feel to the way it was recorded: Deenmamode would leave the recording equipment on at all times, capturing ideas as they happened, then refining and sequencing them for the record. His second album, 2015's Texture Like Sun, continued in this fashion, released again through One-Handed. Over time Mo Kolours became far more integrated into London's music scene, leading to releases for 22a Records, the home of Henry Wu, Tenderlonious, and Al Dobson, Jr. For the release of his third full-length, 2018's Inner Symbols, he worked with label Five Easy Pieces to deliver a record centering around the use of an Electro Harmonix looper, the result was a more accessible blend of tracks, although they retained the laid-back, broad approach he'd been developing from the start of his career.
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