Qobuz partners with the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2024: Elevating audio excellence!

For enthusiasts of high-fidelity audio, the Bristol Hi-Fi Show stands as an annual pilgrimage, an event that showcases the latest innovations and trends in the realm of sound reproduction. In its 35th edition, scheduled from February 23 to February 25, 2024, the Bristol Hi-Fi Show promises to be a haven for audiophiles, offering a platform to explore cutting-edge releases and engage with leading brands in the industry.

Qobuz is happy to be the official partner of the Bristol Hifi show once again. This partnership is a natural fit. Both entities share a passion for elevating the auditory experience, whether through state-of-the-art equipment or meticulously curated music collections. As attendees immerse themselves in the show’s bustling atmosphere, Qobuz stands ready to enhance their journey with its extensive catalogue of premium-quality music.

Visitors to the Bristol Hi-Fi Show can look forward to more than just browsing through the latest releases; they can anticipate immersive listening experiences in the various dedicated listening rooms. Here, they can witness firsthand the capabilities of cutting-edge audio equipment, as well as engage in discussions with representatives from leading brands.

At stands 13a and 13b on the Ground Floor, the Qobuz team awaits, poised to welcome attendees and share insights into the latest developments in the world of high-fidelity audio. Tickets for the Bristol Hi-Fi Show are still available. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary event; reserve your spot now and we look forward to seeing you there!