Dominic Miller | Qobuz Interview


When he arrives at work, Dominic Miller is no longer called Dominic Miller but ‘Dominic Miller, Sting’s guitarist’. And this has been going on since the early 90s! Yet the Argentine regularly isolates himself to remind us that he is not just that, by recording mainly instrumental records under his own name. Vagabond is the third to be released by ECM, a label that suits him rather well and whose releases he followed religiously when he was younger. The title of this 2023 record speaks for itself: we wander between textures and climates, throughout a beautiful album conceived in quartet with the Israeli drummer Ziv Ravitz, the bassist Nicolas Fiszman and, the great revelation of the record, the Swedish pianist Jacob Karlzon. In an interview, Dominic Miller talks about the genesis of this new record, his relationship with Sting, with Manfred Eicher of ECM and with the many other musicians he has been working with for years, and ends by discussing the relationship he has with his guitar.