Blondshell, a rising musician and singer, is capturing the current spirit by channelling a past that she has never experienced herself. Her self-titled debut album is a perfect reflection of the present while also tapping into the same anger that has driven female artists like Courtney Love, Liz Phair, and Fiona Apple. Her music is set against a backdrop of grunge-inspired instrumentals and her lyrics are raw, honest and unapologetic. She tackles issues such as the negative effects of pop culture on her formative years and the challenges of navigating romantic relationships in a world where casual hookups are the norm.

Growing up in the heart of Manhattan, Sabrina Teitelbaum, the woman behind Blondshell, wishes she had been shielded from the graphic TV shows and films that influenced her in all the wrong ways. She wonders if growing up to believe that men are hot if they’re assholes is a byproduct of her exposure to pop culture. Her song “Joiner” touches on the same theme and alludes to the fact that sometimes the monster is in the house all along, in this case, referring to the negative influences of TV shows and movies.

Blondshell’s music is a form of irony in a world where adults are worried about the impact of social media on children. She shares her personal experiences of growing up and being influenced by TV shows and movies. On “Kiss City,” she talks about how romantic movies have influenced her perception of love and relationships. She’s honest and vulnerable about her desire for a deeper connection in a world that values casual flings. The song starts off quietly and ends with a powerful, raw scream that is reminiscent of Liz Phair’s early work.

Blondshell: Salad | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Blondshell is a young artist with a lot of potential. Her music is a mix of grunge and rock with shades of those female punk pioneers who came before her. Her lyrics are honest and relatable, and she has a way of drawing rich metaphors from everyday occurrences. Her debut album is definitely worth checking out, and she is the next big thing worthy of the hype.