Eclectic by nature (a solid classical training; a pronounced taste for pop and funk; an apprenticeship in jazz with the best big bands of the modern era), Nils Landgren, trombonist, singer, composer, producer, arranger and conductor, has established himself over the years as one of the emblematic artists of the German label ACT Music founded by the producer Siggi Loch in 1992. Author of no less than 40 albums for the label under his own name (but also present on some twenty others as producer and guest soloist), Landgren presents in a three-disc box set, entitled 3 Generations, an almost exhaustive panorama of his multiple talents. Bringing together no less than three generations of musicians distributed in multiple small formations, Landgren, from one piece to the next, varies styles and moods, ensuring the aesthetic coherence of the whole through the volubility of his phrasing and the velvety quality of his trombone.

Nils Landgren: 3 Generations (Official Album Trailer)


Everyone will find happiness in at least one or many of the genres visited on this extensive box set, from funk to intimate lounge jazz via sophisticated pop songs in all their forms (from Caecilie Norby to Viktoria Tolstoy through Anna Gréta and Camille Bertault, all the star singers of the label are present). We especially treasure the tracks in trio (and quartet) with Lars Danielsson on bass and Michael Wolny on piano (White Moon, Ols); the very beautiful duet with Joachim Kühn (Weltall); or the respanable encounter with Vincent Peirani on accordion, Emile Parisien on saxophone and Youn Sun Nah on voice (My Heart's in the Highlands). In these moments of musical adventure, Nils Landgren offers more than just flawless craftsmanship; he truly is an original and inspired voice.


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