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Sons Of Silver

Based in Los Angeles, Sons of Silver are a rock band led by vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Peter Argyropoulos, also known as Pete RG. Rooted in hard-edged guitar and informed by hard rock and alternative rock, their songs are impassioned and often display strong political themes, with a touch of pop in the melodies. Argyropoulos debuted the Sons of Silver project in 2019 with the singles "Never Enough" and "Down," while the 2020 EP Doomsday Noises -- which included the tracks "Read 'em Their Rights" and "World on Fire" -- best reflected their rebellious spirit and brawny sound. Peter Argyropoulos formed Sons of Silver in 2019 after working with the same group of musicians under the name Pete RG; he previously led the Americana outfit Last December. As Pete RG, he released two EPs in 2015 (Lightning Strikes and Reaching for the Moon) and a 2016 album (Tender Souls) that took the roots rock side of Last December and added a stronger pop/rock tone to the songs. As the band logged many months of touring, their attack became harder and their country influences shrank considerably. With this in mind, the group -- Argyropoulos on lead vocals and guitar, Kevin Haaland (once a member of Skillet) on lead guitar, Brina Kabler on keyboards and vocals, Adam Kury (ex-Candlebox) on bass, and Dave Krusen (formerly of Pearl Jam) on drums -- adopted the name Sons of Silver, and began touring under the new banner. In April 2019, the band released their first song, "Never Enough," while "Down" followed two months later. May 2020 brought the timely track "Quarantined in California," written and recorded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In June 2020, Sons of Silver brought out the EP Doomsday Noises, a five-song release including "Read 'em Their Rights," "World on Fire," and the title tune, which had previously gained attention as individual tracks.
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