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Swedish heavy metal band Lefay was actually an outgrowth of Morgana Lefay, which broke up in 1997 after nearly a decade of activity and a half-dozen albums released through Black Mark. But something fishy was going on, because founding band members Charles Rytkönen (vocals) and Tony Eriksson (guitar) soon recruited second guitarist Peter Grehn, bassist Micke Åsentorp, and drummer Robin Engström, and began recording Lefay's inaugural 1999 release, The Seventh Seal, quickly followed by its next-year follow-up, S.O.S. Seemingly seeking to legitimize the connection to their past work (which predominantly mixed traditional and power metal styles, incidentally), the members of the quintet also re-recorded Morgana Lafey's original, independent debut, Symphony of the Damned, at this time; but subsequently disintegrated amid a critical backlash, declining sales, and, understandably, much fan confusion. As it turned out, though, all of this name changing nonsense was rooted in the group's dissatisfaction with their deal with Black Mark; but after first trying to sever their ties, then ultimately re-signing with the label in 2005, Lefay regained the rights to use their full name, and got right back to business as if the whole debacle had never taken place.
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