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Qobuz cookies charter


What is a cookie?


A cookie is a little text file saved on your browser during your visit to Qobuz. A cookie file allows its issuer to identify certain components of the specific device being used (eg. the software or an email address). The cookies saved by us or by third parties when you visit our site do not recognise you personally as an individual; they only recognise the device which you are using. This identification is important to be able to benefit from certain functionalities on our website such as connection to your account, proper functioning of your basket (store), etc… In addition, you alone choose if you wish to have cookies saved on your device and you can easily control the saving of cookies. (See below).


Which are the cookies emitted on our site?


Type of cookies





These cookies allow you to adapt our site according to the specific choices you make. These cookies therefore allow you to have smooth and customised navigation. Putting cookies on your device is the fastest and simplest way to personalise and improve your user experience.


These cookies collect data relating to the use of our website (for example, the pages you visit most often and if you have received error messages from our internet pages). The aggregated data from these cookies is only used to improve the functioning of our website.


We use these cookies to offer you advertisements that may be relevant to you and correspond to your interests. The information may also be used for frequency limiting purposes and to control the advertisements that you receive and measure their effectiveness.


How do I refuse cookies?

First of all, if you block cookies your Qobuz experience is at risk of being impacted; we will no longer be able to give you access to certain Qobuz functionalities, content will no longer be offered to you according to your tastes and preferences