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Nick Mulvey, world citizen

The ex-band member of Portico Quartet broadens his vision, with “Wake Up Now”…

Shanling Up: a small and very elegant portable DAC certified MFI with a beautiful sound

The digital-to-analog converters that can function with computers but also with smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android are pretty common. Yet this Shanling Up possesses the MFI certification (Made For iPod/iPhone/iPad), which is rather rare in the world of DACs. And it also works on Windows, Mac OS and Android.

FX-Audio BL-Muse-02: a DAC with an aptX Bluetooth connection awarded with a Qobuzism!

These are not the most common devices, but digital-to-analog converters equipped with an aptX Bluetooth connection hold their own in terms of sound quality, and this using rather simple and cheap ways. Thus, a smartphone compatible with aptX Bluetooth and this FX-Audio BL-Muse 02 DAC are perfectly able to provide really good sound results when linked to a Hi-Fi system.

The National, (or rather, international)

The seventh album from the New Yorkers...

S.M.S.L AD18: Qobuzism for this digital amplifier with DAC!

The small digital amplifiers have established themselves in the world of Hi-Fi, thanks to the quality of their sound restitution combined with vivacity and power quite belied by their compactness, a feat viewed with some envy by analog models whose dimensions and prices are far higher. Some of them even triggered a good number of online articles, like this AD18 model from the Chinese brand S.M.S.L.

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