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Back in Black is 40!

After the death of their singer Bon Scott, the members of AC/DC recorded their most popular album, marking the start of the Brian Johnson era...

Focal Clear: open-back headphones perfect for high-fidelity listening on the sofa

A few weeks ago, we tested the most advanced closed-back headphones in the Focal range: the Stellia. The Clear model by the same brand is for people who like listening to music in a quiet environment (think relaxing in an armchair in the living room). The Clear is open-back with different qualities from the Stellia, yet still just as intriguing.

Klipsch The Fives: A pair of active speakers for any situation

Klipsch is one of the major promoters of accessible active Hi-Fi speakers. By avoiding the use of various external electronic components, these speakers do a nice job of simplifying your audio system. Everything is built into the speakers, making them almost autonomous. Nonetheless, Klipsch The Fives are fully wired to act as a hub for both audio and video sources. They can be used in any setup, whether that be as speakers for your PC or as the sound system for your living room.

Sticky Fingers Finally in Hi-Res !

Released in 1971, The Rolling Stones' greatest record is now available in 24-Bit Hi-Res for the first time...

Focal Stellia: musicality and precision, the quintessential Hi-Fi closed-back headphones

It took awhile for Focal to invest in Hi-Fi headphones but in a few years the brand’s offer has rapidly expanded, appealing to all budgets. Before headphones, French brand Focal used the same strategy to increase its speakers’ offer. The closed-back headphones Stellia, which we are testing here, is a high-end product. Focal applied the technology mastered with its speakers to Stellia and its transducers.

Khruangbin, A Groove UFO

Pop-funk, jazz-dub, offbeat flamenco, African or Korean scents... The third album from the Texan trio has a lot to offer and shows off the band’s many influences. A very rich record.

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