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Sunday Mornings in Summer...

This is the deep south. Not that of the United States, but even further south...

Daft Punk, No Future

Their last studio album was released in 2013 and many were waiting for their comeback. But Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo decided otherwise, putting an unexpected end to the Daft Punk saga ...

Roon upgrades its Hi-Res audio playback interface to an elegant version 1.8

Roon is the American company behind an audio playback application that has become an industry benchmark. It offers a number of distinctive features that make it unique on the market. Focused on sound quality and universality, Qobuz now directly integrates on the Roon application with high resolution. Another major distinguishing aspect of this solution is in its user interface, which evolves smoothly into the all-new version 1.8 of Roon that we present here today.

Incredible Vocal Work: Dominique Fils-Aimé!

After launching her career by appearing in the Quebecois version of the show The Voice, Dominique Fils-Aimé, who is originally Haitian, went on to sing in many international festivals, from Montreal to Tokyo via Europe. A methodical artist, Fils-Aimé decided in 2017 to conceive of her music as a journey through black music and its history. She threw herself into a conceptual suite of three albums: a trilogy which concludes with Three Little Words...

Qobuzissime Special! Tash Sultana: Terra Firma

Make no mistake about it. Behind its mystical cover worthy of a progressive rock band from the 70s, Terra Firma hides the unclassifiable second album from Tash Sultana.

David Gray: Well-Balanced, Refined and Poignant!

After his 1998 hit record ‘White Ladder’ and his most recent 2019 album ‘Gold in a Brass Age’, David Gray treats us to a new emotional rollercoaster with 2021’s ‘Skellig’...

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