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Playlist: Mike Peters listens to...

by Qobuz USA

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The Alarm are back with a new album, War, recorded in just 50 days during the Covid-19 pandemic. Before tours were cancelled and stages went dark, vocalist/guitarist Mike Peters curated this playlist of recent favorites for Qobuz. Liam Gallagher - "Shockwave" Loved Liam’s solo album As You Were and this carries through the sound. Great ...

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Mike Peters listens to...

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Title Artist Album Duration
Liam Gallagher Shockwave 00:03:31

Andrew Wyatt, Writer - Greg Kurstin, Producer, Drums, Engineer, Electric Guitar, Organ, Tambourine, Writer, Bass, Harmonica - Dave Emery, Mixer - Mark "Spike" Stent, Mixer - Liam Gallagher, Vocals, Writer, MainArtist - Michael Freeman, Mixer - Julian Burg, Engineer - Randy Merrill, Masterer

© 2019 Warner Music UK Limited ℗ 2019 Warner Music UK Limited

Where the Action Is
The Waterboys Where the Action is (Deluxe) 00:03:24

The Waterboys, MainArtist - Puck Fingers, Producer - Brother Paul, Producer

(C) 2019 Puck 2014 Limited under exclusive licence to Cooking Vinyl Limited (P) 2019 Puck 2014 Limited under exclusive licence to Cooking Vinyl Limited

Tiny Dancer (From "Rocketman")
Elton John Rocketman 00:05:24

James Thompson, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Karen Jones, Flute, AssociatedPerformer - Robbie McIntosh, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Giles Martin, Producer - Mark Knight, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Bernie Taupin, ComposerLyricist - Elton John, ComposerLyricist - Richard Pryce, Bass Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Chris Sheldon, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Mark 'Spike' Stent, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Nick Cooper, Cello, AssociatedPerformer - Dick Beetham, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Tom Pigott-Smith, Strings, AssociatedPerformer - Kate Musker, Viola, AssociatedPerformer - Rupert Coulson, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Helen Keen, Alto Flute, AssociatedPerformer - Dave Hartley, Piano, AssociatedPerformer - Toby Pitman, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Crouch End Festival Chorus, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Daniel Bhattacharya, Strings, AssociatedPerformer - Lurine Cato, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Matthew Racher, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - John Prestage, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Mark Pusey, Drums, Percussion, AssociatedPerformer - Greg McAllister, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Taron Egerton, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer - Adam Double, Bass Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Priscilla Jones Campbell, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Tehillah Daniel, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Joy Malcolm-Farrukh, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2019 Paramount Pictures

Hey, Ma
Bon Iver i,i 00:03:36

Bon Iver, Artist, MainArtist - Justin Vernon, Composer, Lyricist, Producer - Brad Cook, Composer, Producer - Zach Hanson, Mixer - BJ Burton, Composer, Producer, Mixer - Chris Messina, Producer, Mixer - April Base Publishing (ASCAP). Administered by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing, MusicPublisher

2019 Jagjaguwar 2019 Jagjaguwar

Ryan Hamilton And The Harlequin Ghosts, MainArtist

(C) 2019 Wicked Cool Records (P) 2019 Ryan Hamilton under exclusive license to Wicked Cool Records

Catfish and the Bottlemen The Balance 00:03:52

Johnny Bond, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Greg Calbi, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Craig Silvey, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Jacknife Lee, Producer, Programming, AssociatedPerformer - Matt Bishop, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Max Prior, Assistant Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Bob Hall, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Catfish and the Bottlemen, MainArtist - Van McCann, Guitar, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Benji Blakeway, AssociatedPerformer, Bass (Vocal) - Alex Borwick, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel

An Island Records Recording; ℗ 2019 Universal Music Operations Limited

Dancing Barefoot (Digitally Remastered 1996)
Patti Smith Outside Society 00:04:16

Ivan Kral, Composer - Ivan Kral, Lyricist - Ivan Kral, Performer - Jay Dee Daugherty, Performer - Král, Composer - Král, Lyricist - Lenny Kaye, Performer - Patti Smith, Composer - Patti Smith, Lyricist - Patti Smith, Performer - Patti Smith Group, Performer - Richard Sohl, Performer - Smith, Composer - Smith, Lyricist - Todd Rundgren, Acoustic Bass - Todd Rundgren, Engineer - Todd Rundgren, Producer

(P) 1979 Arista Records LLC

Cat Fight (Over A Dog Like Me)
Stray Cats 40 00:02:14

Mike Himelstein, Composer - PETER COLLINS, Producer - Vance Powell, Engineer - Daniel Bacigalupi, Masterer - Brian Setzer, Composer, Guitar, Vocals - Pete Lyman, Engineer - Stray Cats, MainArtist - Lee Rocker, Vocals, Bass - Slim Jim Phantom, Drums, Vocals - Sean Badum, Engineer - Mike Fahey, Engineer - Tyler Sweet, Guitar

2019 Surfdog, Inc. distributed by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC 2019 Surfdog, Inc. distributed by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

Dear Prudence (2018 Mix)
The Beatles The Beatles (White Album) [Super Deluxe] 00:03:54

Giles Martin, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - CHRIS THOMAS, Producer, Additional Producer - John Lennon, Guitar, Vocals, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Paul Mccartney, Bells, Drums, Flugelhorn, Bass Guitar, Piano, Tambourine, Clapping, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - GEORGE HARRISON, Guitar, Clapping, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - George Martin, Producer, Recording Arranger, AssociatedPerformer - Geoff Emerick, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - MAL EVANS, Clapping, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Miles Showell, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - James Clarke, Editor, StudioPersonnel - Jackie Lomax, Clapping, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer - Sam Okell, Mix Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Ken Scott, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - The Beatles, MainArtist - Matthew Cocker, Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Stefano Civetta, Assistant Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Paul Pritchard, Assistant Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Matt Mysko, Assistant Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Barry Sheffield, Engineer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2018 Calderstone Productions Limited (a Division of Universal Music Group) / Apple Corps Limited

In My Blood
Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes 00:03:31

Teddy Geiger, Producer, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Programmer, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist, Bass (Vocal) - Andrew Maury, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Scott Harris, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - George Seara, Vocal Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Shawn Mendes, Producer, Guitar, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Geoffrey Warburton, ComposerLyricist - Geoff Warburton, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer - Harry Burr, Assistant Mixer, StudioPersonnel

℗ 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

The Amazons Future Dust 00:04:46

Nick Atkinson, ComposerLyricist - ALAN MOULDER, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Catherine Marks, Producer - Joe LaPorta, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Caesar Edmunds, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Tom Herbert, Assistant Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Matthew Thomson, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocals, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - The Amazons, MainArtist - Adam 'Cecil' Bartlett, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Josef Emmett, Drums, Tambourine, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Callum Marinho, Asst. Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Christopher John Alderton, Producer, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion, Additional Producer, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Elliot James Briggs, Bass Guitar, Bongos, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist

℗ 2019 Universal Music Operations Limited

Body Talks
The Struts YOUNG&DANGEROUS 00:02:57

John Levine, Producer - Lauren Christy, Producer, ComposerLyricist - Jon Levine, ComposerLyricist - The Struts, MainArtist - Luke Spiller, ComposerLyricist - Adam Slack, ComposerLyricist

℗ 2018 Interscope Records

Land Of The Free
The Killers Land Of The Free 00:04:02

Wil Wheaton, Additional Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Lynn Mabry, Additional Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Jacknife Lee, Producer, Guitar, Keyboards, Programmer, Recording Engineer, Background Vocalist, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel, Bass (Vocal) - Mahalia Jackson, ComposerLyricist - Dan Grech-Marguerat, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Dorian Holly, Additional Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Brandon Flowers, ComposerLyricist - Ronnie Vannucci, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - The Killers, MainArtist - Sherree Brown, Additional Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Robert Root, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Matt Bishop, Recording Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Amanda Brown, Additional Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Danielle Withers, Additional Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Erica Canales, Additional Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Akasha Mabry Hendrix, Additional Vocals, AssociatedPerformer - Robbie Connolly, Keyboards, AssociatedPerformer

℗ 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Hurricane (Live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA - November 21, 1975 - Evening)
Bob Dylan The Rolling Thunder Revue: The 1975 Live Recordings (Sampler) 00:08:00

Jeff Rosen, Producer - Jacques Levy, Composer, Lyricist - Mick Ronson, Guitar - Bobby Neuwirth, Guitar, Vocal - T Bone Burnett, Guitar - Bob Dylan, Composer, Lyricist, Guitar, Harmonica, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, Vocal - David Mansfield, Mandolin, Violin, Steel Guitar, Dobro - Joni Mitchell, Vocal - Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Vocal - Allen Ginsberg, Vocal - Luther Rix, Drums, Percussion, Congas - Steven Soles, Guitar, Vocal - Scarlet Rivera, Violin - Steve Berkowitz, Producer - Ronee Blakely, Vocal - Rob Stoner, Bass - Howie Wyeth, Drums, Piano

(P) 2019 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Melody of Love
Hot Chip Melody of Love 00:04:18

Al Doyle, Composer, Lyricist - Copyright Control, MusicPublisher - Owen Clarke, Composer, Lyricist - Hot Chip, Producer, MainArtist - Alexis Taylor, Composer, Lyricist - Joe Goddard, Composer, Lyricist - Felix Martin, Composer, Lyricist - Philippe Zdar, Mixer - BMG Rights Management, MusicPublisher - Rodaidh McDonald, Producer - Domino Publishing Company Ltd, MusicPublisher

2019 Domino Recording Co Ltd 2019 Domino Recording Co Ltd

Play God
Sam Fender Play God 00:03:46

Robin Schmidt, Mastering Engineer, StudioPersonnel - Ed Smith, Drums, AssociatedPerformer - Dean Thompson, Engineer, Guitar, AssociatedPerformer, StudioPersonnel - Barny Barnicott, Mixer, StudioPersonnel - Sam Fender, Guitar, Vocals, MainArtist, AssociatedPerformer, ComposerLyricist - Bramwell Bronte, Producer, Programming, AssociatedPerformer - Thom Lewis, Bass Guitar, AssociatedPerformer, Synth Pads

A Polydor Records recording; ℗ 2017 Sam Fender, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

Boys in the Better Land
Fontaines D.C. Dogrel 00:05:00

Dan Carey, Producer - Tom Coll, Writer - FONTAINES D.C., MainArtist - Conor Curley, Writer - Conor Deegan III, Writer - Grian Chatten, Writer - Carlos O'Connell, Writer

© 2019 Partisan Records ℗ 2019 Partisan Records

Beyond the Outskirts
The London Suede The Blue Hour 00:04:06

Brett Anderson, Composer, Vocals - Richard Oakes, Composer, Guitar - Neil Codling, Piano, Additional Producer, Synthesizer - Simon Gilbert, Drums - Mat Osman, Bass - Geoff Pesche, Masterer - ALAN MOULDER, Producer, Mixer - Caesar Edmunds, Engineer - Tom Herbert, Engineer - The London Suede, MainArtist - Richie Kennedy, Engineer

© 2018 Suede Ltd, under exclusive licence to Warner Music UK Ltd ℗ 2018 Suede Ltd, under exclusive licence to Warner Music UK Ltd

The Signal and the Noise
Simple Minds Walk Between Worlds 00:05:18

Andy Wright, Producer, Programmer - Simple Minds, Composer, MainArtist - Jean-Pierre Chalbos, Mastering Engineer - Sarah Brown, Backing Vocals - Jim Kerr, Vocals - Charlie Burchill, Guitar, Keyboards, Programmer - James Kerr, Writer - Mel Gaynor, Drums - Charles Burchill, Composer - Gavin Goldberg, Producer, Programmer, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer - Kevin Burleigh, Recording - Lewis Chapman, Mixer, Recording - Ronan Fay, Recording

© 2018 BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited ℗ 2018 BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited

About Playlist

The Alarm are back with a new album, War, recorded in just 50 days during the Covid-19 pandemic. Before tours were cancelled and stages went dark, vocalist/guitarist Mike Peters curated this playlist of recent favorites for Qobuz.

Liam Gallagher - "Shockwave" Loved Liam’s solo album As You Were and this carries through the sound. Great Chorus and energy. Can’t wait to hear this one live.

Waterboys - "Where The Action Is" I’ve got a lot of respect for Mike Scott. Always an artist that follows his own path. Out of All This Blue was one of his best records and always offers up the unexpected. This new record carries on where the last one left off... it’s almost a triple album now!

Rocketman (Soundtrack) - Taron Egerton Saw the film with the family and we all loved it. My boys are now into Elton John as they both play piano. The soundtrack took me back and reminded me how great the early Elton John LP’s are. I forgot how math great guitar riffs he had in his music too.

Bon Iver - "Hey Ma!" Caught this in BBC6 music and I had to Shazam it. Didn’t know much about Bon Iver before this track now I’m getting into it in a big way and plan to listen to all his work while I hit the road with The Alarm this summer. 8 weeks and 40 shoes in the USA should provide plenty of listening time!

Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts - This Is The Sound Great new and emerging artist on Little Steven’s label Wicked Cool. Had the pleasure of taking Ryan out on The Alarm UK tour last year and they blew our fans away. Top tunes and energy.

Catfish and the Bottlemen - "Longshot" Love everything, especially the guitars and drums on this lead track from the band’s third album. I’ve seen them live a few times and they keep getting better. Van the singers’s got a unique tone that reminds me of Patti Smith at times, and his Dad has climbed up Mount Snowdon with our charity Love Hope Strength a few times. God Bless Them.

Patti Smith - "Dancing Barefoot" Picked up a copy of the Outside of Society compilation with the remastered audio, so that I could turn my boys on to the Patti Smith Band. Certainly did the trick.

Stray Cats - "Catfight (Over A Dog Like Me)" One of the best live bands you will ever see. Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker and Slim Jim Phantom put on a hell of a show and I can’t wait to see them in the U.K. this month. Catch them while you can in this their 40th Anniversary year.

Manic Street Preachers - Hold Me Like a Heaven
Always been a big fan of the Manics. James Dean Bradford is a great melody man and Nicky Wire always throws up some thought provoking couplets. Every album has something special to offer and they just keep on producing the goods. Resistance is Futile.

The Beatles - "Dear Prudence (White Album Remix by Giles Martin)" I’ve listened to the original album countless times and there’s always something to discover. These new mixes bring the vocals to the fore and still they sound as contemporary as ever. Brilliant. I love the clarity in these new mixes and can feel the emotion of John Lennon’s raw emotive singing voice even more acutely.

Shawn Mendes - "In My Blood" This guy keeps coming up with great pop songs and this one is something truly special. Really powerful chorus and superb production. More ‘Rock’ than a lot of rockers. I think a lot of ‘bands’ would kill to have a song like this in their set list. Powerful stuff.

The Amazons - "Mother" Great new British Rock Band. Killer choruses and hooks set this band apart. Hoping to catch them live sometime soon.

The Struts - "Body Talks" Contemporary pop / rock from these British Rockers. Haven’t seen them live yet but I’m sure they will live up to the potential they display on record. Lots of cool seventies influences and black leather swagger.

The Killers - "Land Of The Free" Beautiful song from Brandon Flowers et al. Fantastic vocal sound and lyrics. If I was American I’d stand up to listen to this. I’ll be watching the band again this summer at Cardiff Castle the night before we play in the city ourselves.

Bob Dylan - "Hurricane (From Rolling Thunder Revue)" Classic Bob Dylan dusted down for release in modern times. Great song that The Alarm used to busk down in the tube station tunnels when we first moved to London in 1981.

Hot Chip - "Melody Of Love" Heard this on the radio and fell in love with it straightaway. Shades of Human League’s Dare album. Echoes of the eighties all through this. Love it.

Sam Fender - "Play God" Only discovered Sam Fender recently. He’s got a lot to say and I like what he’s all about. I’m following and ready for more.

FONTAINES D.C. - "Boys In The Betterland" Have this one on repeat on the car at the moment. Sounds great played as loud as you can take it. Love the attitude and the lyrics. the spirit of Mark E Smith and The Fall lives on. Reckon this lot will storm a few festivals this summer!

Suede - "Beyond The Outskirts" (The Blue Hour) This is a great record from a great band that has learned to cope with changes in lineup and move into a new creative period that is as good as anything they did when they first burst on to the scene with the likes of Animal Nitrate etc. A brave and adventurous record that grows with every listen.

Simple Minds - "The Signal and the Noise" (Walk Between Worlds) This is a band coming of age again and making music as relevant as anything they ever created. Jim Kerr and Charlie walk in step with their audience and understand their own history and future destiny as one. I love their commitment and this is a record that sounds great inside and outside. In the countryside and the city.

Photo © Andy Labrow

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