Founded in 2007, Qobuz has just celebrated its 15th anniversary. Created by two music lovers, Qobuz’s purpose is to provide a unique experience built around music discovery, sound quality and editorial content; a streaming service that brings together music enthusiasts from all walks of life.

The digital revolution of the 2000s opened the way for streaming. Music streaming has revealed all the treasures of some of the vastest discographies. This shift has not been entirely positive however: piracy has had an impact on artist incomes; the need to conserve bandwidth has led to compressed, poor sound quality; and the development of algorithms has standardised our music consumption.

In 2007, two Frenchmen with a passion for music set out to create a platform which would respect artists and their work, providing recommendations for their users—like a (digital) record store. The service would be founded upon quality outright, intended for all those seeking to share and maximise their love of music. Thus Qobuz was born.

Qobuz - 15 Years Of Passion & Musical Discovery


Qobuz is for all music lovers: fans and musicians, audiophiles and collectors, lovers of jazz, classical, rock, techno, world and metal alike—they all want to be part of a community that shares their values. These people come to Qobuz to appreciate truly authentic sound quality, in high resolution, straight from the studio. They come to (re)discover artists of all genres from the past, present or future, through rich and eclectic editorial content and playlists handcrafted (without algorithms!) by our team. They come to experience the freedom of collecting and ‘owning’ their music through our download store.

Presenting Aline Melo, DJ Kisa and Perceval Carré - three avid members of the Qobuz community!

Aline Melo, singer/jazz and bossa nova enthusiast

Aline Melo- © Karl Cannone 2023

Aline Melo is from Brazil. As a child, she would attend bossa nova concerts, and dance and listen to old records with her sister. She would discover jazz clubs while in New York later on in life, before ending up in Paris, where she now lives, works and sings. Aline has a real passion for music - for jazz and bossa nova in particular. Music isn’t just a hobby for her: it’s a spiritual thing, a way of experiencing and moving through the world each day.

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Kisa, DJ and avid collector

DJ Kisa - © Joe Lukawski 2023

DJ Kisa likes to party and loves making people dance. From her origins in Antwerp to her first vinyl mixes in Barcelona, via the legendary record stores of New York and Los Angeles, her story is driven by the people she brings together, the sounds she collects and her desire to create special moments. For her, music brings people together, and she will spend hours searching for new sounds to keep the party going.

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Perceval Carré, sound engineer in pursuit of sonic perfection

Perceval Carré - © Karl Cannone 2023

Sound engineer by trade and audiophile by nature, Perceval Carré’s story is the coming together of talent and passion, forged in an environment where music is always present. From a young age he was both a capable mathematician and a music lover, so Perceval always knew he was destined to work with sound. Having passed through some of Paris’ greatest concert halls, he has now built his own studio to bring the full depth of music to the listener.

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