Wu Lu | Qobuz Interview


Loggerhead, the first album of Miles Romans-Hopcraft alias Wu-Lu, is an aesthetic shock as only the label Warp knows how to produce. From grunge to grime, from drum’n’bass to hip-hop, from metal to trip hop, the Londoner unleashes all the possible sounds on this Qobuzissime record. It is not too easy to digest first time around but is sure to betwitch you a little more with each new listen. Inspired by the freedom of skate culture, Wu-Lu is the perfect reflection of this generation of British multi-instrumentalists, capable of switching from the MPC to a drum kit or an old vintage synth in a snap of the fingers. And like his illustrious elders Flying Lotus, DJ Shadow, J Dilla or Madlib whom he worships so much, each sound, each instrument, each beat is a material to be kneaded, to be moulded, to be sculpted. Sound structures that Wu-Lu evokes in an interview in which he also explains the origin of his pseudonym and his visceral eclecticism.