Perry Farrell joins writer Michael Azerrad for a special installment of Qobuz Live!

For over three decades, Perry Farrell has influenced music and culture as the founder of Jane’s Addiction, Pornos for Pyros and the Lollapalooza festival. The newly released box set, The Glitz; The Glamour , is a deep dive into some of his lesser known solo projects, starting with Psi Com, Farrell’s Joy Division and Siouxsie and the Banshees influenced first band—formed after the self-proclaimed runaway “got in with the punk rock kids” in LA—to 2007’s Ultra Payloaded album (featuring his wife and muse Etty Lou Farrell, as well as collaborations with Peter Hook, Mad Professor and Flea), and his recent work as Kind Heaven Orchestra. Farrell joined writer Michael Azerrad for an installment of Qobuz Live, our livestream series launched during the Covid-19 pandemic, to discuss the box set and share stories about his colorful and spiritual life. Stream the entire conversation below.

Qobuz Live! with Perry Farrell and Michael Azerrad


Listen to The Glitz; The Glamour by Perry Farrell

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