Born of Icelandic and Chinese heritage, Laufey, whose full name is Laufey Lin, is a captivating singer-songwriter who effortlessly blends genres to create a magical musical experience. Raised in both Reykjavík and Washington D.C., she soaked up diverse influences from her surroundings. Laufey’s music is a delightful fusion of jazz and pop, characterized by her deep, velvety vocals and poignant storytelling.

On her sophomore album Bewitched, Laufey transports us into the realm of youthful infatuation. Her music, a tribute to various forms of love—be it friendship, romance, or a love for life—opens not only our ears but also our hearts and eyes to the captivating essence of these emotions.

Expanding on her artistry in her debut, Everything I Know About Love, Laufey leans more heavily into her suave jazz edges, with incredible payoff for both the artist and the listener. From the opening track “Dreamer,” we are instantly transported to a mid-century era of Jule Styne-esque musicals and films. Bewitched elegantly showcases her deep, resonant vocals and her prowess in storytelling, honed to perfection over time.

Laufey’s ability to seamlessly bridge diverse musical genres and historical contexts is a hallspan of Bewitched. She guides listeners through the enchanting realm of vocal jazz ballads into the grandeur of pop orchestrations in tracks like “Lovesick.” Listening to Bewitched could be described as being dipped in and out of the climactic love scenes from 14 different films, evoking emotions that inspire dancing, tears, and jubilant singing.

Laufey - Bewitched (Official Music Video)


Beyond her songwriting talents, Laufey showcases her compositional skills on instrumental tracks like “Nocturne (Interlude),” and her orchestral arrangements shine on pieces such as “Promise,” performed by the renowned London Philharmonia. This orchestra, sought after by Hollywood elites, complements Laufey’s artistry seamlessly. With standout tracks like “From the Start,” a record-holder for the most-streamed jazz song globally, Bewitched demonstrates to the world that Laufey is not just another musician with a beautiful voice; she’s a storyteller, using her music to paint vivid pictures of love, life, and nostalgia.