Forty years after its release, David Byrne and his band’s album “Remain in Light” has held on to all of its mad and funky allure. The album’s merging of intellectual post-punk with cosmopolitan dance music influenced groups such as LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire. On this fourth album produced by Brian Eno, the Talking Heads revolutionized their sound, but also that of rock itself.

AC/DC and the Talking Heads have little in common, but both bands recorded their biggest albums (doubtless the most pivotal of their careers) at the same time and the same place. There were only a weeks between the recording sessions of Back in Black and Remain in Light and both took place in the Nassau in the Bahamas at the famous Compass Point studios which were opened by Island RecordsChris Blackwell. Forty years after its release in October 1980, Remain in Light still resonates today as a pioneering record. An innovative work that fuses rock, pop, funk and African music before the term ‘world music’ was first marketed by Peter Gabriel in 1985.