The Eighties were their decade. In eight albums, The Cure spaned the rock of their time with a sound and an attitude that’s been copied a thousand times but never quite equalled. The decade that followed would also be synonymous with new sonic tsunamis. Grunge. Britpop. But above all, it was the appearance of hip hop and electronic music that would go on to influence numerous groups… In 1990, the remix – a basic element in the DNA of dance music – was a technique used sparingly by rock groups. Keen to keep up with the times, The Cure decided to rework some of their old songs picked from their albums that were released between 1979 and 1989. The result is called “Mixed Up”. Their fans were left a little baffled by the “remix compilation” which has in fact withstood the test of time. Re-edited in a dazzling 3-CD Deluxe Edition in June 2018, Mixed Up finds itself embellished with rare remixes from the 1981-1990 period (CD 2) and new remixes signed by Robert Smith (CD 3). At the time of the release of this unique compilation, the brain behind The Cure defended tooth and nail his new baby, as shown by this interview from the time when he was just beginning his relationship with the guitar and synths.

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