On the bill for François Ozon's film The Double Lover is the composer Philippe Rombi, who over the last 17 years has imposed his elegant and referential style upon the landscape of French soundtracks.

A lover of French and American cinema, Philippe Rombi could be considered a kind of synthesis of John Williams and Georges Delerue. Mixing Hollywood and European influences, the composer has, so to speak, evolved in the waters of the Atlantic, where he is at once dancing a sophisticated ballet in the style of Busby Berkeley and swimming a simple breaststroke, "slow and deep", as Erik Satie would say. Backed up by a broad culture of cinema and music - not to mention a considerable classical background, thanks to his studies at the conservatoires of Marseilles and Paris, Rombi has an infinitely rich musical baggage about him. Able to draw inspiration from anywhere and anything, he always manages to find ideas which marry perfectly with the spirit of the films that he sets to music.