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Rock - Released January 1, 2003 | Velour Records

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Mike Errico created a freedom from label intervention by touring so that he could afford to make this record on his own terms. Upon completion, he looked for a management and label deal, which he found with Velour. This unique approach allowed Errico to maintain complete artistic control, and he delivers a release that has the potential to push him from an indie favorite into the national spotlight. Incorporating rock, funk, folk, and pop, Skimming traverses various musical landscapes between the staid companion pieces "When I Get Out of Jail" and "Coney Island," which bookend the album. During his live performances, Errico often focuses the attention of the audience by creating a hypnotic mood within a room. The atmospheric ambience on "Monday Morning," and "Underwater" in particular, captures this vibe and has the listener hanging on every word. The use of electric guitar and the addition of drums, keys, and bass round out the fullness of his sound and allow the songs to become fully realized, compared to the stripped-down versions that he plays on the road. Lyrically, Errico stays true to form by offering up poetic verse and worldly insight wrapped in a blanket of humor and wit. While every song is permeated with substantial qualities, three tracks immediately stand out from the equitable balance of intonations on Skimming. The rock-driven energy of the title track, the playfully intimate lyrics of "Strawberry Song," and the pop sensibility of "(Not So) Sad" provide a mainstream contrast to the less conventional tunes that have made him an edgy singer/songwriter. © Erik Crawford /TiVo