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Praga Digitals

The French label Praga Digitals was founded in 1992 by Pierre-Emile Barbier (PEB). An electronics engineer at Thomson, PEB is also a music critic and president of the Association des Amis de la Musique de Chambre. A connoisseur of Slavic music, PEB first founded the "Praga" label in 1991, devoted to the archives of Czech radio.

In 1992, with the creation of "Praga Digitals", he signed the Pražák Quartet, who he had spotted as early as 1978 when he was a jury member at the Evian competition. PEB offered the Pražáks a formidable discographic epic, including several dozen prestigious recordings crowned with numerous international prizes. In 1995, PEB hired the Kocian Quartet (founded in 1972 like the Pražáks), followed by the Guarneri Trio Prague (founded in 1986), the Prague Piano Duo (founded in 1989), the Zemlinsky Quartet (founded in 1994), the Kinsky Trio Prague (founded in 1998), the Párkányi Quartet (founded in 1998).

Across 30 years, Praga Digitals has built one of the most beautiful catalogues of chamber music, and many releases have won major international awards. Praga Digitals also benefited from exceptional sound recording, working with many of the best sound engineers in Prague. © Little tribeca

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