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Pop - Released May 3, 2019 | Low Country Sound - Elektra


Pop - Released January 12, 2018 | Low Country Sound - Elektra

This seems like a crucial moment for Anderson East. With Encore, the artist born in Alabama leaves the keys of the production to the excellent Dave Cobb and entrusts the writing of some titles to experts such as Chris Stapleton (King For A Day and If You Keep Leaving Me) and Ed Sheeran (All on My Mind). His Southern roots solidly surface in his blend of country and soul music (If You Keep Leaving Me will make you think of Otis Redding) or blues (Somebody Pick Up My Pieces). At the heart of this fusion of classic American music, Anderson East even slips covers of Ted Hawkins (Sorry You're Sick) and Willie Nelson (Somebody Pick Up My Pieces). With a perfect balance between vintage country soul sonorities and a still very contemporary approach, Encore is an endearing mainstream disc. It’s a work that most of all proves that his music is there to last. And what a voice he has too! © CM/Qobuz

Pop - Released July 10, 2015 | Low Country Sound - Elektra


Rock - Released July 10, 2015 | Low Country Sound - Elektra