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Pop - Released May 8, 2020 | Blake Mills Artist JV 2017

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Alternative & Indie - Released November 30, 2018 | Blake Mills Artist JV 2017

Blake Mills earned a reputation as producer and guitarist who prized authenticity in his work, which is what makes his 2018 album Look so startling. Consisting of five tracks of wordless, formless ambient music, Look is essentially a process album. Mills recorded the brief album -- at 25 minutes, it could conceivably be called an EP -- while learning how to play a bunch of vintage Roland guitar synthesizers, which explains why Look is amorphous and adventurous; the music keeps shifting shapes thanks to the new discoveries Mills made while recording the album. If Look doesn't quite reward close listening, it nevertheless provides exquisite background listening: the moods and textures shift slowly and seamlessly, providing a sense of forward motion, yet never quite straying from the spacy, slightly spooky, mood Mills establishes at the outset. © Stephen Thomas Erlewine /TiVo