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Rap/Hip-Hop - Released August 15, 2019 | 300 Entertainment - Atl


Rap/Hip-Hop - Released August 16, 2019 | 300 Entertainment - Atl

Distinctions Pitchfork: Best New Music
“All of the songs are like fucking parade music. It ain’t no storylines to it. This shit is all about fun. If you're not having fun or in a fun mood, don’t even play this album” Young Thug warned. And since he’s having a party, he has invited all his friends from the rap scene to join him on this XXL album which boasts 13 featurings among the 19 tracks! Opening the album, we find the Atlanta rapper alone on Just How It Is, accompanied by just a folk guitar, a bass line and a minimalist beat to supplement his melodious flow. We then go straight to the main course with Sup Mate, which features his fellow American hip-hop superstar Future, who’s not as scathing as usual on this haunting production by ATL Jacob (Future’s loyal producer) and DY Krazy (808 Mafia). Some of the album’s highlights include the hit-worthy Surf, featuring Gumma, Lil Duke’s performance on I Bought Her, the catchy chorus of Bad Bad Bad (feat. Lil Baby), and the single The London, the album’s finale that features the two heavyweights Travis Scott and J. Cole, the latter supervising the record’s production. When he goes solo, Young Thug is just as ruthless as ever, as he demonstrates on Jumped out the Window over a jittery piano, or on Pussy, where he takes on Tenor Saw’s timbre from the reggae dancehall classic Ring The Alarm. That should be enough to occupy the top of the charts for a while. © Smaël Bouaici/Qobuz

Rap/Hip-Hop - Released May 23, 2019 | 300 Entertainment - Atl