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Vocal Sampling

Assembled in the early '90s at Havana's National Superior Institute of Arts by ex-Ena Jazz Sextet pianist René Baños, singer/guitarist Reinaldo Santer, and percussionist/bassist Abel Sanabria, Vocal Sampling became a six-member group after being joined by singer/guitarist Jorge Chaviano, tropical trombonist Oscar Porro, and percussionist Renato Mora. These six talented instrumentalists met while attending music classes and decided to participate in a cappella project based on traditional Afro-Caribbean rhythms such as son, bolero, guaracha, and salsa. After contributing to a compilation released by David Byrne's Luaka Bop label with a song called "Diablo Al Infierno," Faro Figueroa produced their first album, titled Una Forma Mas. In 1995, the Cuban-based group debuted live in the U.S., soon touring around Latin America and Europe.
© Drago Bonacich /TiVo

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