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Ambient - Released March 23, 2018 | Freedom To Spend

Hi-Res Distinctions Pitchfork: Best New Reissue
Songs of the Kes is a concept album based on Ursula K. LeGuin's novel Always Coming Home about a peaceful futuristic California people called the Kesh. The sounds range from songs, fragments of conversation, and spoken poems, delivered in Kesh (a language specially created for this tape by Ursula Le Guin), to three instrumental tracks, one of which, "Heron Dance," and is jarring and discordant, and two of which, "A River Song," and "A Music of the Eighth House," are magical deep-space meditation pieces. Stand out songs include "Yes-Singing," which gets into your system and refuses to leave you alone, and "Long Singing," a truly lovely work of a capella spaciness. Songs of the Kesh has a weird haunting beauty that will appeal both to lovers of the esoteric and to those who wish to return once again to the Valley of the Na. ~ Backroads Music/Heartbeats