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Unicorn Kid

Energetic 8-bit house producer and Leith, Scotland native Oliver Sabin, who records as Unicorn Kid, made a hefty name for himself on the internet by the age of 16. He released his debut, the Lion Hat EP, in 2008, accompanied by cute photos where he was posed wearing a stuffed lion headpiece. What started as a publicity stunt evolved into his be-all image, and at first he embraced it, ordering a thousand similarly designed hats from China to sell on his merch table. By the next year, he had released a full-length debut titled Wee Monsters, and concurrently remixed a Pet Shop Boys single, which landed him a spot on Ministry of Sound in his final year of high school. Shortly after a finishing a 12”, fears of becoming known as a novelty act grew and Sabin ditched the hat and the label. dying his hair peach and shaving a yin-yang in the back of his head for a fresh new start. For his next outing, Tidal Rave, he made a change in his music as well, enlisting peppy vocalists to accompany his tropical take on chiptune. The EP was made available as a free download in 2011.
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